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Learn To Felt


Available to start anytime! Take at your own pace!

Watch the video below! 

I find more and more that when I am inspired I think, “That would be perfect to felt”. I am in love with felting, thanks again for such an inspiring course!
— Randi Winters
Learn To Felt - 7 Week E-Course
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Sara Smelt’s Learn to Felt e-course was a complete joy. The printed materials she provides are very detailed, but easy to follow. Her videos are informative and entertaining. There’s a private Facebook page where her students can discuss the projects and share their creations. She is available to answer any questions via that Facebook page, email or during the 1:1 Skype/Facetime/phone calls that she offers. This course is a tremendous value, and I give it my highest recommendation.
— Suzanne Morris



  • Play!
  • Repeat!
  • Experiment!
  • Catch Up!
  • Lie on a Beach!

NOTE: All suggested activities this week are optional :)


  •  3-layered felted Gardenia flower pin
  • How To Felt More Flowers
  • Rose Bag with Interior Pocket and Surface Design
  • Purse Frame Dos and Don'ts
  • Inspiration and Color
  • Felted Flower Bowl


  • Nuno Felted Picture
  • Use of A Sander In Felting
  • Luminaries
  • Who's Your Momme? Guide To Fabrics
  • Felted Journal Cover


  • Nuno-Felted Scarf (flat)
  • Table Risers
  • Books and Resources
  • How To Nuno Felt Thick Fabric
  • Common Problems and Some Fixes
  • Nuno-Felted Collage Scarf 
  • How To Frame and Display Your Work

WEEK 1: fElting 101

  • Welcome Video
  • Felting Equipment 
  • How To Pull and Divide Wool
  • Felt Soaps
  • Decorating Soaps with Prefelt, Needlefelting and Embroidery 
  • Felted Globes/Cat Toys
  • Wooly Wish Stones


  • Felted Wall Art
  • What Can Go In and On Your Wool
  • How To 'Glue' Fibers
  • Size Calculator
  • Project Sheet
  • How To Blend Wool
  • Starry Night Felted Picture
  • The Kiss (Blog Link)
  • Physics of Shrinkage
  • Ruffle Scarf


  • How To Felt A Vessel
  • Alternative Openings For Felted Vessels
  • How To Make Prefelt
  • Felted Purses
  • Felted Holiday Sweaters
  • How To Felt Clothing (Blog Posts)







 Felt Evolution 
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     The Fiberista Lounge, a Private Facebook Group, is a friendly, supportive, safe, non-intimidating, inclusive, relaxed, fun, casual, informal, knowledgeable, encouraging, inspiring, sociable place where friendships are made, creativity is shared and celebrated and there is no such thing as a silly question or a failed piece of felt!  And once a member, always a member! Students continue to share work and receive constructive critique from other members forever!

The Fiberista Lounge, a Private Facebook Group, is a friendly, supportive, safe, non-intimidating, inclusive, relaxed, fun, casual, informal, knowledgeable, encouraging, inspiring, sociable place where friendships are made, creativity is shared and celebrated and there is no such thing as a silly question or a failed piece of felt!  And once a member, always a member! Students continue to share work and receive constructive critique from other members forever!

As I was adding today’s notes to my Learn to Felt notebook and thinking about how much I had learned, I glanced at the coming lessons. So much wonderful stuff is coming up... Luminaries, notebook covers, Nuno felting... Thank you so much, Sara, for sharing your felting experience with us. Your class is amazing.
— Candace



Why Should I Take “Learn To Felt” The E-Course?

  • Umm, because it’s so much fun!!!!
  • To gain a new fiber passion! 
  • To build your felting skills and develop your own unique style
  • To meet like-minded felting friends from around the country and across the globe! 
  • To learn when you want, where you want, and wearing whatever you want (pajamas optional!)
  • To share in the excitement and laughter as you learn together!
  • To build a library of felting skills and projects that can be used over weeks, months and years!
  • To receive 6 Workshop Videos and Projects, 8 Quick Tip Videos, 34 PDF projects, inspirational and educational documents and 7 "Coming Up Next Week" Videos for just $199! Usually one 3 hour workshop with me costs between $60-$70!


Is ‘Learn To Felt’ the E-course right for me?

The short answer is ‘Yes!!’. I developed this e-course for all kinds of people. Which of the following are you?:

   1. The ‘I’d love to try felting but I couldn’t possibly Do it on my own’ people:

I will guide you from felting newbie to confident fiber artist! There will be plenty of interaction with me, via videos, pdfs, a private Facebook group and 1:1 Skype/FaceTime or telephone sessions.

2. The ‘It looks so fun but I don’t have an artistic bone in my body’ people:

Oh yes you do! This nervous group are usually the ones who leave my classes proudly clutching their felted masterpieces! You can’t really go wrong with felting. You will see and hear me mentioned felting ‘magic’ time and time again - trust me, you will experience this too during the e-course!

3. The ‘I’ve dabbled a bit, watched Some You Tube videos and bought a couple of books, but now I’m stuck and want to take my felting to the next level’ people: 

In addition to teaching a series of basic felting skills (one project each week), ‘Learn to Felt’ has been designed to challenge you and help you take your felting to the next level. Each workshop week I will provide additional info ('Take It Up A Notch') and more advanced projects to challenge your creativity and help you to develop your own unique felting style.

4. The ‘I’d love to try felting but I’m too far away to attend your class’ people: 

I’ve had so many of you write to me that it was a major factor for me embarking on this e-course journey. Now it doesn’t matter where you live or which time zone you are in, you can do this anytime, anywhere!

Don’t recognize yourself here? Email me (Sara@Felt with any concerns or questions and I’ll tell you how “Learn to Felt” can work for you.


What Type of Felting Will I Learn About in “Learn to Felt”?

We will concentrate mostly on wet (traditional) and nuno felting. I will also teach some very basic needle felting skills, mostly to add embellishment, however this is NOT a needle felting course.


What Does “Live E-Course” Mean?

The e-course is available to purchase and start at ANY TIME and take at your own pace. A couple of times a year, I will offer a 'live e-course'. During these times, although you will receive course materials via video and pdf documents, the course will run for 7 weeks from a fixed date. During this time there will be plenty of opportunity to interact with me and with others in a lively private Facebook group, and also 1:1 sessions via Skype/Facetime or by phone. When the 7 weeks of ‘live’ classes is completed, you will still have access to all course materials for at least 1 year (most likely a lot longer). Each week we will concentrate on one felting project, but I will send you many more 'Take It Up A Notch' projects to build your skills over the weeks, months and years!


Will I get Feedback on My Felted Projects?

Absolutely! From me and from your fellow course mates if you would like! There will be a lively private Facebook group where you can share photos and receive feedback. You can also show me your work during our 1:1 Skype/Facetime sessions. I intend to put together a gallery of all our work that will be shared at the end of the course!


I’m Shy! Do I have to Show My Projects?

No of course not, but I do encourage you to if at all possible! It is the best way to learn and improve. Remember that I can help you because I’ve made most of the mistakes possible! As adults we are usually overcritical of our own work. Often it take other’s reactions to realize what a beautiful creation you have made! You can post pictures in the Facebook group or you can email them privately to me. Do whatever is comfortable for you but remember we are going to be a group of friendly and supportive fiber artists!


What Do I Need To Access The Class?

A decent internet connection and fast computer. A lot of the teaching is done via a series of videos, up to approximately 20 minutes long. Make sure your computer and internet connection are able to handle that and you should be fine! Please make sure prior to purchase of the class however, as once passwords have been sent, the course is non-refundable.

How Do I Get Access To The Course Materials?

Within 24 hours of registering for the class you will receive a welcome e-mail from me containing access instructions. Throughout the class, links to the course materials will be emailed to you but can be accessed thereafter on the dedicated website. 

NOTE: If you do not receive a welcome e-mail with 24 hours of course registration please first check your spam folder, then contact me directly ( so I can help!

Can I Share My Login Information and The Course Materials With My Friends?

I have spent countless hours developing and writing this course.  Pieces of my heart and soul are in there! Please be respectful of this and keep all information and materials to yourself only (it's good karma :-)). I have priced the course extremely reasonably and I offer discounts if you sign up with a friend. Supporting me will ensure I'm able to develop more courses in the future! People discovered to be sharing information will be removed from the course immediately without refund. 

What If I Miss A Class?

No problem! Information will be delivered via email Monday - Friday during the e-course but you can look at it whenever and wherever you want on our dedicated website. You will have access to all materials for at least one year (almost certainly a lot longer). Also, I’ve assigned week 4 as a ‘Creative Space’ week. There will be no workshop this week so it’s a perfect time to catch up on any missed classes. 

What If I Miss An Entire Week?!!!!

Again, no problem. You will have continued access to the course materials for at least one year. During weeks 1-4 I will teach a different basic felting skill each week, so if you miss one week, you can just jump into the next week with no problem. Weeks 6 and 7 are focused on nuno felting. If you know you are going to miss week 6 just let me know and I can give you some extra guidance to make sure you hit week 7 running!

Will I Need Tons of Expensive Equipment and Materials To Participate in “Learn to Felt”?:

No. Most felting equipment is very basic and can be found around the house or at the local dollar store. Upon sign up, you will receive a materials list and if you choose, you may source all your own materials. Alternatively (and after personal experience spending MONTHS sourcing equipment for a class in which I was a student), I have created a series of materials packages to make thing super easy for you! Depending on how involved (obsessed!) you want to get (and believe me I understand the lure of fiber items!) you can choose the package that is right for you. The 'Basic Materials Package', which contains supplies for the one main felting project per week, is priced at $135. Additional embellishment packages can be added if you would like to attempt the additional 'Take It Up A Notch' Projects. Materials Packages can be ordered at any time and will be shipped within the USA by USPS Priority Mail 2 weeks prior to start of classInternational orders will be shipped via USPS 1st Class International Mail unless otherwise requested. Please take delivery times into account when ordering. Contact me at if you have any questions. Please see the 'Pricing' Section below for more details.

How Much Is “Learn to Felt” The E-Course?

This was tough to decide! I wanted to make 'Learn To Felt' accessible to as many people as possible. Given that an average 3 hour class with me costs around $60-70 I hope you'll realize what a bargain this 7 week class will be! For $199 you will participate in a live 7-week class jam-packed with video demos, method sheets tips, tricks and regular access to me personally. It's going to be a super fun course with lots of interactions with your classmates and at the end you will have a large compendium of felting methods, tips, tricks and resources. I will supply a materials list upon sign up and you are welcome to source all your own materials or take the easy route and check out the supplies packages I have created. Invite a friend to do the class with you and she will receive a 50% discount on course price (does not include materials). 

Can I Give “Learn to Felt” as a Gift?

Yes you can! What a nice person you are! When you purchase the course please specify that this is a gift and include the name and email address for the gift recipient.


If you purchase 'Learn To Felt' - The E-Course, then have a change of heart, I will refund class fees ($199) at any time BEFORE online class access information is sent to you. This will be emailed to you on 12th September (1 week prior to class beginning). After 12th September, there will be no refunds on class fees as you will have access to proprietary information. However, if you find that you are suddenly unavailable to take this inaugural class, your fees can be transferred to a subsequent session.

Refunds will be given on unopened, unused Materials Packages if returned within 2 weeks of receipt. Customer is responsible for return shipping fees. 

I Have More Questions:

Please email them to me at and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Can I just say I am going to be sad tomorrow when I watch your “Closing Words”. I don’t say goodbye easily!! I have thoroughly enjoyed this course! Even my husband, after eavesdropping, said, “what a great teacher she is!”
I hope to one day meet in person. Hugs
— Sally



'Learn to Felt' - The E-Course: $199

This gives you access to the course (7 weeks: 6 weeks of instruction, 1 week of 'Creative Space'), a private Facebook group, regular 1:1 contact with me. It does NOT include materials. See details and purchase here.


'Felt With a Friend' - $298.50 (2 people)

Sign up with a friend and the second person gets 50% off! Split the cost and you will be friends forever (friends that felt together, stay together!).  Each of you will receive access to the course, the private Facebook page and regular 1:1 contact with me. It does NOT include materials. See details here. (NOTE: if more than 2 of you would like to sign up, the 50% discount applies to all other friends. Please contact me at to sign up).




You are free to source your own materials and will receive a materials list shortly after course sign-up. However, for your convenience I have created several OPTIONAL materials packages. 

Basic Materials Package - $135

Includes materials for the basic project for each of the 6 workshop weeks. Please see the product listing for full details.


Fiber Fanatic - Wool Embellishment Pack - $70

This rainbow-colored feast of fiber contains merino wool, prefelt and nepps and can be used throughout the course to give you many more design and color options and enable you to carry out the optional 'Take It Up A Notch' projects. Please see the product listing for full details.


Sensational Silk - Silk Embellishment Pack - $47

This luxurious selection of Tussah and Mulberry Silk Top and Sari silk fibers will help you add shimmer, shine and a little bit of decadence to your designs! This pack does not include silk fabrics for the 'Take It Up A Notch' Nuno Projects in Weeks 6 and 7. 

Please see the product listing for full details.


The "I NEED EVERYTHING!!!!" Pack - All three Materials packs - $250 + FREE BALL BRAUSE (a $23.99 value!!!)

Please see the product listing for full details.



Learn To Felt - 7 Week E-Course
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